#HomeDefense Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller #Review

Every year I get ONE rat inside of my house. It is the weirdest thing. I have tried several different things to keep them out of my house. Traps, cages, sticky rat pads…everything. So I thought why not try this ultrasonic pest control repeller out. It has worked so far. I heard the rat earlier this month underneath my cabinets. I plugged this in and I have not heard it at all. I tested it out and unplugged it for about two days, and I heard it back underneath my cabinets.


Announced Today: Long Way North Will Open Theatrically Sept. 30th

long way north

Shout! Factory Kids and Shout Factory Films announced today that acclaimed animated feature Long Way North, a film by Remi Chaye, will open theatrically on September 30, 2016 in Los Angeles, New York and select major markets, to be followed by opening in additional cities.

Long Way North is set in the late 19th century Saint Petersburg. Sacha, a young girl from Russian aristocracy, dreams of the Great North and anguishes over the fate of her grandfather, Oloukine, a renowned scientist and Arctic explorer who has yet to return from his latest expedition to conquer the North Pole. Sacha has always been fascinated by the adventurous life of her grandfather and has the same calling as Oloukine to be an explorer. But Sacha’s parents, who already made arrangements for her marriage, strongly disapprove the idea to say the least. Defying her destiny, Sacha flees her home and launches an adventure-filled quest toward the Great North in search of Oloukine and his ship.

Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think!

Constant Foot Pain No More! Toe Separator Review #toeseparators


I am constantly on my feet. Walking nonstop, climbing up and down ladders all day and so much more. By the time I get home from work, my feet hurt so bad! I have not found anything that has helped with foot pain. I didn’t even think anything really existed other than soaking your feet in warm water. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to try these toe separators out! So after a long day at work, and after I take a shower I will put on these gel toe separators and just sit around and relax. I have noticed a huge difference in the pain.

toe separtor

Normally, it will take at least a hour for the pain to go away. When I am wearing these, the pain goes away in as little as 20 minutes! They are really comfortable and once you get use to having these on, you really can’t tell. I wasn’t quite sure what to expected when I first put them on. It is made out of a gel material so it fits very comfortably and conforms around your toes. You are meant to stop at your toe joints. Do not push them down to the bottom of your toes. The toe separators will not work correctly if you do. And it is not that comfortable. I tested the feeling just to see what it was like all the way down. It does not feel good! It pushes your toes too far apart when you do this! These are intended to be worn while you are sitting down or laying down. They are not made to wear while you walk.

These also fit my toes very well. I was a little bit concerned that these might be too small, but it allows for the right amount of stretch. I am very happy overall with these toe separators and will continue to use them!

You can buy these toe separators by visiting Amazon! 

Rebel Mrs: Boss Lady Print #Review


I am not your typical parent. I have a wild, dark, crazy, out there type of personality. When I was introduced to Rebel Mrs. Not So Stepford Illustration, I immediately connected with the humor. This website offers different things ranging from logo designs to funny prints. I was offered to pick from a couple of different prints to review. It was a very hard decision. These are some of the prints I had to pick from:


See? Pretty unique and funny, right? I ultimately ended up choosing Boss Lady. Why? Well, because I am a boss lady! I have overcame a lot over the past few years and it has made me into a strong independent woman. So I HAD to pick Boss Lady! If I got to pick two, then my second choice would have been the Welcome to our home! 

Now the very nice and professional lady that runs this site was mailing this to me. We came into a minor shipping issue and thought the print had been lost. She kept me in the loop and gave me a tracking number. I never once felt like she was pulling one over on me. She was very professional in handling the problem and when we thought all hope was lost, it arrived! 

It arrived in perfect condition. The only thing that I would suggest to her is considering adding a picture frame for the customers. That would be a nice touch to the overall package. The print was also printed on high quality print paper and had a glossy look. The color was vivid and really stood out. I hung my Boss Lady print in my living room and have gotten several compliments on it! And of course, I have had to pop my collar while explaining why I chose this print!

I also noticed when I was looking over her website, that you can download and print these funny prints right at your home. That is pretty niffy, especially if you don’t like to pay shipping costs. 

I highly recommend Rebel Mrs! She is very professional, easy to work with and super friendly! She provides high quality prints, that are not only cute but super quirky and funny! 

Go check out her site!

LivRelief: Pain Relief Cream Review #TryLivRelief

This post is sponsored by LivRelief

LivRelief Old to New BoxLivRelief products are the only ones that use Delivra, a patent-pending transdermal delivery system. Delivra delivers LivRelief’s active ingredients deep beneath the skin, addressing pain at its source. LivRelief is the first over-the-counter pain-relief product that addresses and blocks five pain pathways. All ingredients in LivRelief products are certified, selected for their purity and quality, and sourced primarily from Nordic and European countries, which maintain some of the world’s highest standards for consumer safety and environmental protection. Unlike other pain-relief products that burn or tingle when applied, or smell like menthol or worse, LivRelief doesn’t produce any unpleasant sensations (sensations that really only serve to distract you from the pain). And it has a pleasant, faint fragrance. LivRelief was developed by a respected molecular pharmacologist, and it’s been tested and approved by established members of the medical community.

More than 90 percent of LivRelief‘s ingredients are natural, and that includes its active ingredient, capsaicin, found in hot peppers and known for its antioxidant, anti-viral, antiallergenic, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. LivRelief is paraben-free, pertoleum-free and gluten-free, and free of SLS and propylene glycol. LivRelief uses a proprietary and patent-pending delivery system called Delivra to drive pain-relief ingredients through layers of skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at work lifting some heavy boxes when I felt a sharp pain in my lower back. The pain only lasted for about 15 minutes so I did not think anything else about it. Before this happened, I have never experienced back pain so I thought it was not a big deal. Then at night, I noticed my back would ache a little bit. Then about 5 days ago, I woke up to get ready for work and when I tried to sit up I felt a very sharp pain go from the bottom of my back all the way up to my neck. The pain did not go away and I could not stand up. I cried it hurt so much. I could not go into work because the pain was so severe.

So, I went to the doctor to see what the issue was. Turns out when I felt that sharp pain go through my back that one day, I had pulled a muscle and by ignoring the symptoms afterwards, the pulled muscle just got worse and worse. It got the point where I could not stand up or barely move.
I was told to do several different things to help with the pain. Like take it easy and rest. Take a pain reliever and muscle relaxer that was prescribed to me. The only thing is, I don’t really like taking medications like that because it makes me feel really loopy and I have three kids that I have to take care of. I can’t be loopy all day long. So, I took the doctor’s advice and rested for a couple of days but also looked for different types of pain relief.
So, when my LifRelief arrived in the mail, it was two days after I had to go the doctor. Perfect timing! Before this arrived, I had been using a pain patch but was not really that happy with it. It smelled like menthol and it burned! I was told that was the medicine in the pain patch but the whole time I had it on, I was extremely uncomfortable.

LifRelief has really lived up to my expectations when it comes to pain relief. Not only does it stop the pain, it does not smell and I did not experience any kind of uncomfortable feeling. No burning. No tingling. Just complete pain relief. I also really like that LivRelief is a cream.

LivRelief is now available on Amazon! You can get free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member! Buy LivRelief now and receive $2 off your purchase when you use promo code ONU56TLN during checkout on Amazon.com.

LivRelief 300x250 Ad

The Kitchenry Bright LED Nightlights #Review

I received this product in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
Nightlights are very important in my house. With three kids, there are always little feet running through the house. So it is very important to have a light in the kitchen and bathroom so my kids can see during the night. In case, they want a drink of water or need to go to the bathroom. So, when I got the chance to review the Kitchenry Bright LED Nightlights I was really excited. I have never used a LED nightlight before. Before this arrived, I didn’t realize how bright it was going to be. I was happily surprised that these nightlights light up my whole kitchen and bathroom! 


The Kitchenry Bright LED Nightlights are a bright LED nightlight, used best for hallways, bathrooms, etc. It may also be used for bedrooms, although some people might find it too bright for this purpose. Sleep well, knowing that your family is safe to move about the house at night. Studies show most household accidents occur in poorly lit situations. This nightlight is the brightest energy save on the market, yet soft enough to maintain doctor-recommended sleep hygiene. 


I really liked that this pack came with two nightlights so I can have two of the main rooms lit very well: the kitchen and bathroom. The nightlights also have a sensor so they don’t stay on all night. It will only light up when somebody walks past it. Ever since I got my nightlights in the mail, I have not had to get up in the middle of the night and turn off the lights because one of the kids left it on. The nightlights just shut off in a few seconds.

I highly recommend these nightlights! You can find them at https://www.giveawayservice.com/p/o8k7c2u3/p9d2z0p0k1

Father’s Day Ruby Tuesday #Review


One thing that I enjoy doing for my fiance or my Dad is taking them out to a nice dinner at a nice restaurant and Father’s Day is the perfect occasion (excuse) to do just that! Spend a little bit of extra money on some men that I truly admire and love!

Ruby Tuesday is having a super cool deal going on when you buy gift cards. Keep in mind this does end today! You still have time to snag this great deal! When you buy a $50 gift card for Dad, you will get a free $15 bonus card in return. Ruby Tuesday is also launching a special, very limited time Father’s Day menu just for Dads (June 10-19) that includes the Big Daddy Burger (100% USDA PRIME beef, lots of bacon, Swiss, Cheddar and American cheeses) and a Knob Creek Classic (Knob Creek Bourbon with a dash of bitters, ginger ale and a slice of orange).

To help celebrate Father’s Day, I was sent a gift card to try out some of Ruby Tuesday’s food! My fiance and I went on a special Father’s Day date last night. We decided to go a day early so we could spend as much time with my Dad today since I have not seen him in years. I decided to go all out and order a steak dinner. I usually don’t order a steak, but it was a special occasion so I said why not?! It was some of the best steak I have eaten in a long time! It was cooked to order, was super juicy and had tons of flavor. I ordered mashed potatoes and green beans as my side dishes and added a salad!

I really enjoyed everything about my meal. I could tell the mashed potatoes was made with real potatoes. It was really fluffy and had so much flavor!

Ruby TuesdayMy fiance ordered the chicken tenders meal and the new classic quesadilla. Even though, I told him to order a steak too, he decided to go with something a little bit lighter. He did not complain one bit about his food! I did try a piece of his chicken tenders. These tenders was not greasy at all and the breading was really yummy! However, I didn’t get a bit of the quesadilla. He also ordered a Mai tai. I am not a drinker but he likes to drink mixed drinks every now and then. He said the Mai Tai tasted really good and got a little bit of a buzz.

Our server was also very nice and helpful. She made sure we had everything we needed, checked on us often and overall made sure we was happy the entire time! She got a nice tip from us!

Overall, we had a very good time having a pre-Father’s Day date. The food was good. We left Ruby Tuesday’s stuffed! We will be coming back in the near future!

Other Father’s Day Deals

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

o   All Dads who dine on Father’s Day (June 19) will receive a Dining Card good for one complimentary lunch or dinner (the Full Churrasco Experience!) on their next visit. All locations will open early on Father’s Day at 11:00 a.m. and will serve guests until 9:00 p.m.


o   Make Dad’s day with Wingstop’s new Summer Boneless Bundle (or dinner), which includes 20 boneless wings, 2 fries, 2 medium drinks, 2 dips – all for just $20. Available now (Father’s Day) through the end of July.

Disney’s Zootopia #Review


Ever since my daughters heard about Zootopia, they could not wait to watch it! We have seen every single Disney movie and have loved each one! So I knew that we would not be disappointed in Zootopia. Just by watching the commercials, I knew this was going to be a super cute movie. I mean, who doesn’t love talking civilized animals?

zootopiaZootopia has broken records worldwide earning more than $900 million at the global box office to date. The best reviewed movie of 2016, critics and audiences around the world have fallen in love with the wonderfully innovative animal metropolis of Zootopia and the comedic chemistry of rookie rabbit officer Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) and scam-artist fox Nick Wilde (voiced by Jason Bateman). It’s been called one of the best buddy cop comedies in years!

Ever since she was a young bunny, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) has always wanted to be a police officer in Zootopia, a utopian metropolis devoted to the peacefully co-existence of different animals (predator or prey) living in harmonious peace. After years of hard work and determination, Judy’s wish comes true, becoming a police officer and journeying to Zootopia. Unfortunately, she’s handed a parking enforcement detail by her superior, Cheif Bogo (Idris Elba), who doesn’t think much of the ambitious rabbit’s enthusiasm. Eager to prove her worth, Judy takes a chance on a missing persons case, trying to help Mrs. Otterton (Octavia Spencer) find her lost husband. Judy enlists help from Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a sly scam artist Fox who’s the cop’s only lead, with the pair embarking on a mission that takes them across the vastness of Zootopia, unraveling their “missing’ persons case as well as learning more about each other in the process.
Now, I did not receive an actual physical copy of Zootopia, but instead received a digital copy that I could put into my Disney Anywhere account! Which I like because I can watch any Disney movie that I have in my collection on any device. So, once I received my code all I had to do was enter it into my account and it was ready to watch.

zootopia2Haley and Amberly were really excited to watch this. We had our weekly movie night and sat down and watched Zootopia on my laptop. After watching Zootopia, I realized that there were many themes. But the main theme was if you set you mind to it, you can be and do anything you want to be. I asked Haley and Amberly what their favorite part of Zootopia was. Haley said she liked it because the main character was a girl! There are not many movies out that features a woman as a hero! Amberly said she liked it because all the animals were funny.

Overall, I think this movie is a great family movie. It was cute, funny and of course had some great life lessons for the kiddos. Which all Disney movies have. There are some pretty cool Easter eggs, if you look for them! I noticed some animals dressed up as Elsa and Anna!

Zootopia is now available to buy on DVD/Blu-ray!

HotelSpa® 10 Inch Rainfall Color-Changing LED Shower Head Review

reviewpictureI love finding new and modern things to update my house. I was recently given the opportunity to change out my shower head with the HotelSpa 10 Inch Rainfall Color-Changing LED Shower Head with Extension Arm.

The HotelSpa Giant 10 Inch Rainfall Temperature Color-Changing LED Shower Head is the world’s most luxurious LED Shower Head. This shower head is the largest and most advanced height adjustable LED fixed mount overhead shower ever created. It has extra-long 15 inch height-adjustable arch extension arm with stainless steel profile that extends fully over your head and adjusts to your height and needs.

You would think that this shower head would run off batteries (to control the lights). Nope! This LED shower head is powered by RUNNING WATER. No batteries necessary! When I say giant, I mean giant! This shower head is HUGE. I was surprised at how big this really was when I opened the box! It has a 10 inch LED Rainfall shower head with reflective chrome face and LED perimeter rim and connects to a solid brass ball joint. The extra-long 15 inch arm length provides 3 ft. of vertical movement range. There is a large wing nut with brass inserts that allow for easy and reliable movement range.

showerheadAnother aspect of this shower head that I thought was pretty cool is that the color of the LED lights indicates what the water temperature.

  • Blue means the water is cool under 95F (35C)
  • Green means the water is warm 95-108F (35-42C)
  • Red means the water is hot 109-122F (43-50C)
  • Flashing red means WARNING Hot over 122F (50C)

You also don’t have to worry about this shower head giving out anytime soon. LED lights have long life of 100,000 hours (over 10 years of heavy daily use).

The only thing that I was a little bit worried about was actually installing this shower head. I have never installed a shower head by myself. See, I am not a very handy person. But ever since my divorce, I have had to become more self-dependent when it comes to things like this. I do have a finance but he is not here all the time. I have to learn how to do things like this.

Installation was very easy! The directions were very easy to understand and this shower head installed within minutes. The only problem that I came across was figuring out how to take off my old shower head! Other than that, easy peasy!

I am so glad that I got the chance to review this shower head. After using this shower head and thinking about my old shower head, I can see such a difference. Even though the water comes out like a rainfall, it is quite powerful and relaxing. I really enjoy the fact that I can stand underneath the shower head and my whole entire body gets covered by water. That is how big the actual shower head is! Usually a regular shower head spurts water out in a stream that only hits one spot. Not this HotelSpa shower head!

I highly recommend you switching over to this shower head. You won’t be disappointed!

Spritz’ N Wipe System #Review

I received this product in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Ever since I had kids, I have preferred to use wipes instead of toilet paper. But I have found out over the years that using wipes all the time can not only be expensive but can cause problems with your sewer system down the road. My mom just had to have her septic tank cleaned out and they found a lot of baby wipes. I didn’t know that wipes do not break down over time. The just sit and build up in any sewer system. So, I have only been using wipes on my kids when I have to.

But there has been a system developed that solves this problem! The Spritz’ n Wipe is the original hands-free TOILET PAPER moistening system. It turns your own toilet paper into a clean, fresh and convenient wipe. No more flushing wipes down your toilet! Like I was stating before, wipes can cause issues with your own plumbing system and those of the municipality in your town.


Spritz’ n Wipe is safe for your sewer system. It is fast and easy to use and can be installed within minutes. This system conveys better hygiene and more convenient than regular toilet paper. It uses no harsh chemicals and is alcohol free! The best part is that is helps you save money! My frugalness loves this!!

I have been using this for a little over a month now and I LOVE LOVE  LOVE it! I feel like I get cleaner after using the restroom. My daughter sometimes has issues about wiping properly and I am constantly talking to her and teaching her how to do this effectively. She has been using this system and I have noticed she is much cleaner! It makes our toilet paper work just like a wipe would!

I was a little bit concerned on how to install this system in my bathroom. I am not a very handy woman. But the instructions were very easy to understand and I had it up and ready to go within a few minutes! The only thing that I am iffy about is the refills. It seems a little bit on the steep side in price, but when I sit down and think about how much I would spend on wipes in a month’s time the cost is almost the same. I am still on my very first bottle and I have been using this for a little over a month. I am thinking I have about another month on this first bottle! I am very pleased with this system!