#GuideLinePro Beard Shaping Tool Review


If the man in your life is anything like the man in my life, then having a nice line and cut is very important. My fiance usually just eyeballs his line and does pretty well. But when I came across this Beard Shaping Tool, I knew he would love it! It’s the best thing to happen to your beard since you grew it!

GuideLine Pro is a beard grooming template. Which allows a razor or beard trimmer, to command the level of precision and symmetry, you could expect from a professional barber. It is extremely simple. Although the design looks simplistic. Each element. Such as GuideLines unique non-slip shape. Or it’s easy to follow numbering system. Was designed to perform a specific function. Resulting in an unbelievably natural beard shaping template.



The beard shaping tool is made out of a flexible piece of plastic.  My three year old son got a hold of this and he bent it in the middle. So it can be bent. It did not break and I was able to straighten it back out. I am not sure if it would break if you kept bending it.


Josh told me it was very easy to use. He just had to hold it up to the side of his face and trim around the edges. His beard looked amazing after he used the beard shaping tool.

The GuideLine Pro  would make for a great gift for the holidays!