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Kick your procrastination back into 2015 and get working on that Blurb book you’ve been wanting to create! To make the effort even easier, Blurb is giving you 35% off your order starting today, January 21st, through January 27th! All you need to do is use the code QUEST35 at checkout! Here are the details:

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Bladder Leakage Does Not Have to be Embarrassing! FREE SAMPLE #underwareness

Until a few years ago, I never really thought about bladder leakage. Then one day I was talking with my Grandmother and she started telling me about how she has been experiencing some severe bladder leakage when she is out and about. It really made me feel bad and worried for her. I didn’t like the thought of my Grandmother having an accident out in public and just imaging the embarrassment she must have felt.

Did you know that the average age of someone with bladder leakage is only 52?! More people with bladder leakage are in their 20’s than their 80’s. Can you believe that? This was a hard fact for me to even fathom since I am only 29! More people with bladder leakage are 50 or younger than 60 or older! Since bladder leakage affects such a younger age range, we don’t want products that are made with the older generation styles. If I start to experience bladder leakage, I want something that will be comfortable and fit into my lifestyle.

But bladder leakage does NOT have to be an embarrassing thing! Depend has up their game and now provides so pretty awesome products to help women with bladder leakage and I love sharing them with my Grandmother.

Depend provides a variety of discreet products that help people regain their freedom and get their lives back, including: Silhouette Active Fit

Silhouette Active Fit for Women briefs: Depend Silhouette Active Fit briefs are a new moderate-absorbency brief that feature a thin design for complete comfort with the trusted protection of the Depend brand and a lower rise+ for an underwear-like look, fit and feel. As a category first, the product is available in black and beige colors. Continue reading »

dependsSince I am not personally experiencing bladder leakage, I asked my Grandmother a few questions about her experience with bladder leakage. Here is how the interview went:

When did you first experience bladder leakage?

  • It kind of surprised me one day. I would notice a few drips every now and then but nothing serious…or so I thought. Then one day I was out shopping by myself and I needed to use the restroom. I could not find a restroom quick enough and well.. I had a major embarrassing accident. Ever since that incident, I have experienced several bladder leakage incidents. Sometimes it is just a little and sometimes it is just a lot. But I have been having these problems for around 3 years now.

How did you go about finding solutions for protection?

  • At first, I didn’t look for anything. I was really embarrassed. Then when it started to come frequently I knew I had to find something so I could go out and live a normal life again. I just picked up a regular pack of Depends.

What feelings did you have when you realized you have bladder leakage?

  • To be honest, I was upset with my body. I have gone through so many different body changes as I have gotten older. I felt like I was just losing more control over my own body.

Do you have any tips or advice for others experiencing bladder leakage?

  • It happens. Don’t be afraid to seek help if you start experiencing bladder leakage. Sometimes doctors can help. Don’t be afraid to get products that will help YOU feel comfortable with the changes in your body. If you need Depends, then get those Depends. There are so many different products out there that can help you live a normal life. Don’t be embarrassed to use them! Be you always!

Depend is entering year three of Underwareness, a social movement and charitable cause to break down the bladder leakage stigma! As part Underwareness, the Depend brand is encouraging people to show their support for women with bladder leakage. For every photo and video shared using #Underwareness and featuring Depend products, the Depend brand will donate $1, up to $3 million through 2016 to fund charities that advance the research and education of bladder leakage.


Sale on Select Samsung Galaxy Cell Phones

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Still searching for that suitable smartphone at that perfect price? Shop Gazelle’s selection of certified pre-owned Samsung Galaxy smartphones! While supplies last, you’ll be able to get up to $21 off each Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and S6 Edges Shop this sale today and get a Samsung Galaxy phone to enjoy in the new year!

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PetSmart .99 Shipping & $10 Off Deals!

Now that I have a new member of the family, our new kitten Casper, I am on the lookout for some great pet deals! Here is a great deal that I just came across!

Right now you can get 99 cent shipping NO MINIMUM at PetSmart.com! This offer is only valid 1/22-1/24! You can also save $10 on your purchase of $30 or more with code TAKETENOFF at PetSmart.com! This offer is valid 1/29-1/31.


Striking Cowhide Rugs

Five Reasons Why We Love Fur Gilets

Fur gilets are about as on point as it comes this winter season. If you’ve never heard the word “gilet” before, don’t feel bad. A fur gilet is a sleeveless fur jacket that falls to the waist or lower. They’re a favorite item of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. They are truly stunning garments that can spice up just about any look. Here are five reasons why you need one in your wardrobe.

1. They’re A Celeb Fave

Celebrity trendsetters like Keira Knightley, Taylor Swift and Nicole Richie have been seen rocking fur gilets, both for formal and casual ensembles. Furthermore, the biggest tastemakers on YouTube and Instagram have also been seen rocking these gorgeous fur pieces. If you want to emulate the look of your favorite stars, a fur gilet is a definite must-have.

2. They Go With Literally Everything

A fur gilet is neither formal nor informal. Pair it with a little black dress or a simple t-shirt and jeans. Either way, it compliments your look perfectly. There are few ensembles that don’t benefit from this gorgeous finishing touch. Plus, you can have tons of fun accessorizing your fur gilet with a myriad of purses, shoes and jewelry items.

3. They Are Perfect For Both Day And Night Wear Continue reading »

There are few items in your wardrobe that are perfect for both casual daytime errands and formal nighttime events. A fur gilet, however, is exactly that type of item. It’s one of the few pieces that takes you from day to night flawlessly.

4. They Keep You Cozy And Warm

Just because they’re sleeveless doesn’t mean that fur gilets don’t keep you totally cozy and warm. Thanks to their thick and warm fur material, you’ll never be chilly when you’re wearing a fur gilet. Plus, their soft texture makes them incredibly cozy. They are perfect over a cardigan for mildly chilly autumn days, but can also be layered over or under coats and jackets for even the coldest of winter days.

5. They’re Fabulous And Timeless

Fur gilets aren’t just a flash in the pan trend. Fur gilets have been spotted in editorial and runway looks for a very long time now. If you invest in a fur gilet for your wardrobe, you don’t have to worry that it will be out of fashion next winter. It will be a timeless piece that will age with your wardrobe beautifully.

Fur gilets are the perfect accessory for both winter and fall. They are cozy, warm and incredibly stylish. Whether you’re shopping for someone else or looking to spice up your own wardrobe, they are beautiful investments that will last for many, many years.

Pretty Peacock #Review


In a little studio located just north of Seattle, Pretty Peacock creates jewelry that is created to tell your story. They like to mix in things like gemstones, texture, even a little geekery from time to time so that you can your story in new and creative ways. There is a lot of thought and love that goes into each of our handmade pieces – you’ll be able to feel the difference from the moment you open up one of our sparkly, purple packages.

Life is a story: write it, share it, change it, wear it – with jewelry by Pretty Peacock.

12511635_888351227950316_1323016703_nWhen I first heard about this cute business, I was super excited to see what they had to offer! I was sent the Kites Rise Highest Against the Wind necklace. I think this necklace is to die for! It is SO CUTE! I really enjoy the text. It fits very well with the whole kite theme of the necklace. It is a very “free flowing” text! Continue reading »

The Kites Rise Highest Against the Wind pendant is created using solid sterling silver, hangs on an 18″ sterling chain, and has the sweetest Pacific Opal Swarovski crystals as the ‘tail’ of the kite. Overall, this pendant really suits my style. It is unique and super cute. Just like me!

Pretty Peacock also has a lot of different handmade, unique pieces. You can find the perfect gift for almost everybody! You can get necklaces, bracelets, pendants and even keepsakes made at affordable prices!

Hydrating Conditioner #Review

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

One thing that I have always struggled with is my hair is that it gets so dried out and frizzy looking. I have used all sorts of different products to help try to hydrate my hair. Some have helped a little bit while others just cause other problems. Like itchy scalp to super frizzy hair. Knowing all of this, I have to be careful what kind of products I use on my hair.

hydratingI was recently introduced to this hydrating conditioner. I usually don’t use a conditioner (maybe that is part of the problem) but I said why not? I am SO GLAD that I took this opportunity to try this hydrating conditioner! I have noticed a great difference! Not only does my hair look healthier, but I haven’t had any dry, frizzy hair days. Otherwise known as bad hair days! Not only have I gotten some amazing results, but my hair will smell so good after each use. That is one thing I am a sucker for. A great scent. This hydrating conditioner did not disappoint. Continue reading »

The directions state to start from the scalp and work your way down to the roots. It also states that you use small amounts. I had to alter the directions a little bit. My hair is super thick so just a little bit did not work for me. I had to use a medium amount to get the best results. For a deep conditioning, it states to leave it on for a few minutes. I leave this conditioner on for around 5-7 minutes. I will wash my body or shave my legs to give it time to sit on my hair.

I highly recommend this hydrating conditioner if you have dried out hair like mine! Plus this would make for a great last minute gift!


Find Your Dream Home With SurreyDeltaHomesForSale.com

Are you at the point in your life where you are looking for your dream home? I know that I have reached that point where I want to have my dream home. My dream home includes a big fenced in yard, four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Just plenty of space for me and my three children! But when you are looking for your dream home, there are many different aspects you have to look at.

There are a huge number of reason why you would love to live in North Delta. There are great opportunities for older and younger couples and families. There is an outpouring of transportation benefits including The Trans-Link, the Scottsdale Exchange, the Vancouver Sky Train and the Scott Road Station. If you have a family and looking for good schools and parks, then you are in luck! There are 24 elementary schools and 7 secondary schools. And for the older couples (and younger couples) there are many farmer markets and festivals!

When looking for your dream home by using North Delta Real Estate you will  be provided with excellent service. If you read the testimonials, you can see their clients are extremely happy with the service they received. Several of the testimonials talk about how the high quality of experience of the real estate agent made the process of finding and buying a house easier and less stressful for them. An agent that will go above and beyond the call of duty to make the process less stressful is a huge plus in my book!

Especially for first time home buyers, the whole process can be very overwhelming. When you are looking for your dream home, it can be very difficult to actually find your dream home. This real estate agency has a high reputation in finding the perfect home at a great price for their clients. Continue reading »

There are many listings you can look through in a few different areas throughout North Delta including: Annieville, Nordel, Scottsdale, and Sunshine Hills Woods. As I was looking through the listings, I noticed that each listing included a very nice looking house with many awesome amenities! Many of these homes could definitely fit many of my needs!  There are many listings away from the city and many fairly close to the city.

Do you want to stop paying rent, start building equity, raise a family or have a bigger house? What kind of area do you want to live in? Do you want to be close to the city? How far do you want to commute back and forth to work? What kind of house do you want to buy? A big house or do you want downsize? Do you need more bedrooms or more space? Do you want a yard? Or how about a garage or basement? These are some of things you have to consider when you are looking for your dream home!

When you go through this real estate agency all these questions and MORE will be answered with high quality and up to date knowledge. They will make your home purchase easier, enjoyable, less time consuming AND LESS EXPENSIVE. Who doesn’t want that?!

Pictures On Gold Photo Bracelet #Review

Jennifer’s Deals was sent product(s) in exchange for this review post. No monetary gain was received. However, all said opinions are of my own.

One thing that I really enjoy receiving as a gift is anything that is personalized and includes my children. And to make things even better for me, I love jewelry that is customized just for me. When I got the chance to customize my own Pictures On Gold Bracelet, I have to admit I got very giddy! I already knew what picture I was going to use.

picturesongoldphotocharmbraceletA few weeks ago, I took my kids and my Fiance’s kids to the zoo. It wast he first time in a very long time that we got to get all 5 kids together. During that time, I snapped a ton of pictures including one of my all time favorite pictures of me and my son, Cayden. Cayden being my only son and my miracle rainbow baby, he holds a very special place in my heart. I knew that this picture would be the one that I would use. Continue reading »

Pictures on gold #review #loveit #mommyboy

A photo posted by Jennifer Clay (@jenniferclay67) on

My Pictures On Gold Bracelet turned out better than I could even imagine! The picture came out clear. The first time I wore my bracelet was at work. All my friends loved my bracelet and could not stop gushing over the picture I choose! They all said what a great Christmas gift this made! My bracelet is cooper tone, made with recycled and biodegradable materials and made in the USA! Pictures On Gold have even been featured on The Today Show!

My readers also get a very special deal! You can save 10% off on an Expandable Photo Bracelet from Pictures on Gold when you use code famguide10!

Last Minute Gift Ideas: Kid Magazines From Redan Publishing

Jennifer’s Deals was sent product(s) in exchange for this review post. No monetary gain was received. However, all said opinions are of my own.

leaderboard_redan728x90Have you done your main Christmas shopping but still looking for those last minute Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers for that special kiddo in your life? Look no further! A kids magazine subscription is a great last minute gift idea! Redan Publishing has kids magazines for many different interests. Also, right now you can get up to 56% off!

Ready for some AWESOME news? Redan Publishing is offering Jennifer’s Deals readers a very special discounted offer plus a FREE bonus issue for ordering! Go to http://www.redan.com/USFamilyGuide.htm and click on the magazine cover that your child or child you are shopping for loves!

Continue reading »

montageI was sent quite a few kid magazines from Redan Publishing to review with my kids! The Superhero magazines are pretty cool. I really like that there were little posters included in the magazines! My daughter really liked the Frozen magazine. She loved the fact that there was many different activities she could do throughout her magazine. My son really likes looking through the superhero magazines and pointing out Hulk to me. Cayden loves Hulk and loves to act like Hulk. Hulk is his all time favorite! These kid magazines are high quality, very affordable, and I highly recommend them!

A Magazine For Every Child! Great Interactive Children’s Magazines Each issue contains stories, a craft project, a collectible poster and a workbook full of fun educational activities that are designed to give your child a head start in developing their early learning skills with the help of their favorite characters. Your child will spend endless hours stimulating their imaginations and having fun not realizing they are learning! These interactive magazines make the perfect gift!